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    Anyone can be easily manipulated and
    Compact, economical and durable
    Video Media Player!

    Advertising specializes in the production of industrial embedded PC that DID Co. under the brand name sign-Tech VISTRO easy for users to understand, so that you can use at economical prices are supplying the hardware and management programs.
    LCD Media Player ( LMP-N ) / Media Box ( MB ) / Media Poster (MP) / SAMSUNG LFD / Multi Vision Display / Multi View Display / Digital Menu Board / Digital Photo Frame / Patients calling and Hospital Information Systems / Digital Stand Media (DSM100) / Digital Stand Media (DSM200) / Digital Stand Media (DSM Combo)

    Digital Signage VISTRO has made arrangements for the technical materials.
    VISTRO LINE-UP / VISTRO System ? / Signage Station User Guide /
    High brightness LCD panel and the transparent / Y-Frame / Wall Mount