VISTRO System?

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VISTRO System?
Two suggestions to use RT-5
    1) Use RT-5 built-in Media box
    2) Use exterior RT-5 for LCD TV or Monitor
How to change the contents simply?
    1) by USB memory or CF memory card
    RT-5 is operated by UBS memory or CF memory card. Also controlled by “schedule file” which
    can be creat by Signage Station. Can use scheduler, On/Off Alram, Screen split, text by “schedule file”.
    2) by Signage Station
    Manage contents thorogh LAN or Internet by installed Signage Station on your PC
    * OS recommandation for Signage Station : OS window 7
Product & Accessories
Funtion (more functions on RT-5 manual)
    • Screen split
    • Scheduler
    Play contents on designated times
    • Mulit View (Muilt Sync)
    Play the same contents (sync)