Signage Station User Guide

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Signage Station User Guide
Security check
Program execution
Delete the existing image file
Generated schedule
Set a schedule (Schedule Merge)
Add video files
Setting file options
Save Schedule
Schedule file and image transfer
    • This unit is for professional use or changing the products listed A / S can not receive.
    • Check the input voltage is supplied with electrical device (adapter) is used.
    • Set a schedule and video codecs in a video file and then check the resolution setting (see manual playback codec encoding)
    • Schedule, which is set to the path of the file has not been changed (Error is changed)
    • Set a schedule to the time that the file is registered correctly (the scheduled merge cells, if it does not play video) Please confirm.
    • Save the file and save the schedule file transfer schedule that the
    • I use Windows security, please confirm that you are permitted signage station.
    • Terminal USB (CF Card) allowing to check the amount of storage to use.
    • Signage Station program PC Specifications: Window 7 to install.